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My favorite thing in the world is discovering New Information. In fact, it's the name of my company. I spend MOST of my time reading, talking to marketing innovators, discovering new things, and figuring out how to apply them to Real Estate. My next favorite thing is to share what I learn with everyone I know, and learn from other people. The NewInformation! Marketing Letter is where I get to share everything I discover, you can share YOUR ideas...and we all learn from each other. Want to join us?

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My friend Joe Polish and I have been having killer conversations about marketing for over 15 years, and now we get to share them. This is our opportunity to talk about new marketing ideas, direct mail ideas, lead generation, lead conversion, getting referrals, stick strategies, email marketing, psychology, books, people and even productivity.
Every week is a new adventure…and it will always be fun-- Click Here
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The Ultimate Marketing Toolkit for Buyers
I've been working for the last several months to develop completely turn-key Ultimate Marketing Toolkits to make it easy for you to take advantage of the opportunity this market is presenting... The Ultimate Marketing Toolkit for Relocation Buyers PLUS: The Ultimate Marketing Toolkit for Bank Owned Buyers -- Click Here
I've created a very easy to use source of news for you for your blog, where we import all of the news headlines, the breaking stories, the real estate stories, the home and garden stories, there's all types of valuable blog ideas for you there, you pick a headline, you get inspired about an article, you write a short little introduction to it on your blog, it maybe linked to that article, and intersperse that into your blog.It's a very, very easy way for you to continue to provide valuable content on a regular basis.It's got to be at least weekly, probably better, three or four times a week where you're updating information and of course the very best would be to update that information every day -- Click Here

The World's Most Interesting Postcard
This postcard program takes advantage of your sphere of influence to get referrals. Each month you'll get a new issue of The World's Most Interesting Postcard packed with lots of fun, interesting tips and facts. On the back of the card, you'll get a pre-written Referral Getting note using the power of suggestion to build awareness in your clients about specific conversations to listen for - and EXACTLY what to do if they hear someone talking about real estate -- Click Here
Here's where you'll find everything you need to build a Money Making Real Estate Website. This is part of a system that I have developed over 13 years, and have set-up completely turnkey for you. You'll be able to use this part of your system not just for your website, but also for all your other lead generation systems -- Click Here
If you're tired of paying exorbitant fees for your monthly voice mail, and you want a service that does everything you could ever want in a voice mail system...this is the service for you. I helped with the design of this program from the ground up, so it's built for marketing -- Click Here

The 90 Minute Book
Learn the step-by-step process writing a lead generating book for your business with just 90 minutes of your time -- Click here
About 10 year agos, I wrote a book with one of my consulting clients called "Stop Your Divorce." He's a leading expert in working with people who are going through a divorce they don't want, and has been in private practice for over 45 years! -- Click Here

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